Girl Germs = Sally + Dana, two music-loving writer gals who met at a lobster bar. Back in 2013, Sally interviewed Dana for an article about Girls Got Rhythm Fest. They hit it off; a few months later Stevie Nicks came to each of them in a dream and prophesied their true calling: to honor the lady musicians who have shaped their lives and careers. So they created Girl Germs (a shout-out to the name of a Bratmobile song/continuation of Dana’s old podcast, which she originally started as a show on Radio K in 2010) and a series of tribute nights in Minneapolis devoted to influential female artists.

Sally Hedberg is a freelance music writer living in uptown Minneapolis. Her childhood hobby was to steal her mom’s cassette tape of “Solitude Standing” by Suzanne Vega, lock herself in her room and dance for hours. Not much has changed. Dana Raidt is an editor and freelance music writer. By toddlerhood she was obsessed with Tina Turner, her first concert (during which she almost died from sheer joy) was Babes in Toyland, and now she’s lucky enough to interview many of the female musicians she admires and to book events that give deserving women their due cred.