Yare is an incredibly unique, young Hip-Hop artist out of Minneapolis Minnesota. He has been writing, recording and performing his music since the age of 16. Yare has been around the music scene for many years, watching his dad, Jeovoni, write, record and produce his own music. Yare brings his life stories and experiences to the surface through his lyrical content. His personality is like that of no other and you can constantly feel the energy that surrounds him in person and in his verses.

Yare also strongly represents the skateboarding scene, which he upholds in his image. He has released two solo mixtapes this far in his career. Lyrcial Frustrations was released January 4, 2012 and Dirty Laundry was released May 3, 2012. Both of his mixtapes featured many reputable artists out of Minnesota including: P-Nut The Artist, Nate Millyunz and E$Y. He also released a collaborative mixtape with Haze in 2011 titled HYA : Haze & Yare Affect.

He has had featured songs on many Minnesota compilation albums, and has had both of his solo mixtapes hosted by DJ Ransom, from Philadelphia, helping boost their views and downloads, as well as gain exposure in other areas of the country. He has performed over 30 times in various venues, and never ceases to amaze his audience. Through increasingly frequent content and unique innovative approaches to the entertainment industry, Yare will surely grow as an artist through his drive and entrepreneurial spirit. Yare is currently working on his next project, Frustration OVERload, that will be his best project yet.