With St. Paul, Minnesota emerging with a variety of talent Khaliq adds his distinctive flow and delivery to the cities forefront, with aggression and relatable perspectives. Growing up in a low class family Khaliq's lyricism is driven by an unstable lifestyle and finding truth. Khaliq released his first seven-track EP, Under The Perspective Tree, in the first quarter of 2016, being described as "a precise rapper and a personal, colorful writer." by Pitchfork. Produced entirely by Lelan Foley, the EP leaned heavily on Jazz, piano and hard drumming production. Later Khaliq followed up with his NO TITLE series which was compilation of loose tracks released every Wednesday as apart of Khaliq's #WhyWednesday Movement. Khaliq refuses to refer to his art as Conscious, his untraditional approach allows him to spark new genres and taste, carefully weaving together vivid stories and emotional insight.