Our two tapes which comprise the Cuthica saga are available for free from Ass Records. Cuthica is the story of Raz, a child slave who rises to lead a jihad against the ruling class on the planet Cuthica. Much of the story unfolds through the eyes of two women who initially support the revolutionary movement but ultimately turn on Raz has he becomes increasingly twisted and powerful. Included in the songs are teenagers taking drugs to turn themselves into werewolves, a clone baby screaming as insects devour his brain, a disciple's body dropping from a food court ceiling and exploding in a bowl of fried rice, and an old man escaping from an inferno of a prison only to see it rebuilt five songs later. The saga also features brutal chops and cheese guitar harmonies. We're currently working on a new epic. It will be a love story involving a waitress at a trading outpost in a far corner of the galaxy and an artificial intelligence named Max. More on that later.