Sweet JAP was born at the beginning of the year 2000 and ended suddenly in September 2004. They had a short life, but they sure put their mark on the Twin Cities punk scene and beyond. Their only album, Virgin Vibe, was released in the US by Big Neck Records and in Japan by the legendary 1+2 Records. They also appeared on several 7"s and compilations.

Sweet JAP was named the best rock band by the Twin Cities weekly paper City Pages. They also made it on the cover of international punk magazines Maximumrocknroll and Razorcake. They toured a handful of times. Shows were intense manic displays of rock and roll that succeeded in getting their name out there.

When Sweet JAP put themselves in the coffin, they took some unreleased songs with them. Be My Venus is the collection of those unreleased songs and rare tracks. In 2018, Big Neck Records was brave enough to open the grave for their left behind fans. This one-sided 9 song LP showcases their meteoric rise.