Aaron Sebastion Reeves, aka Reeves Junya or "Minnesota's Best Rapper" was born June 26, 1993 on the northside of Minneapolis and raised in Minnesota and on the Southside of Chicago. Reeves is talented in numerous areas of music. He has mastered the abilities to rap, sing, act, make beats, model, and shoot his own music videos. He is currently working on his own clothing line, and is in the process of running his own record label. He truly feels that he can never have to much on his plate, his list of what he wants to accomplish goes on forever. Reeves has not yet signed to any lable but is Apart of a Movement/Group called "The Alienz", this group is a way of life, believing that they are "ahead of their time". On April 20, 2011, he dropped his first Mixtape Ever titled, Why Isn't This An Album?, this tape was the begining of the Reeves reign. This mix-tape became extremely popular in some very important circles of people and was very respected by local listeners. Reeves had thoughts of signing to Flyod Mayweather and Soulja Boy. On December 25, 2011, Reeves dropped a fan appreication tape entitled, Music Is My Girlfriend, which is filled with punchlines and personlity. Reeves now has the world waiting on his next move.