Consisting of DisputeOne and Orikal Uno, OnePlusOne is a hip-hop super duo that delivers an unforgettable performance developed over decades of mastering their respective crafts.

Twin Cities born and raised, DisputeOne has been a pivotal part of the Hip-Hop culture in Minnesota since the beginning. DisputeOne's prior musical exposure came when he released the first B-Boy orientated project in Minneapolis entitled, I.A.I.M.A.S. in 1994. Shortly after that he gained more exposure from being a part of the legendary Headshots Crew and was featured on the mixtapes Effort and Industrial Warfare. DisputeOne would go on to release music distributed in Europe and Japan, and is currently working on his solo record Dedicated while enterprising in various outlets both as a mentor and artist.

"Anyone with any basic knowledge of chemistry knows that when two atoms or two particles come together they can form something new and something amazing. We got hydrogen floating around by itself, suddenly it sees some oxygen running around. They meet up and bam! We have water. Amazing. The same thing sometimes happens in the music world. This is the case here. We have Orikal Uno running around causing havoc in the world. Minding his own business he looks up and sees legendary Twin Cities emcee DisputeOne, they come together to form something amazing, OnePlusOne." - Jeffrey Johnson, Knowmore Music.

Orikal Uno has been a workaholic since first producing and performing locally in 2002. Born and raised on the West Side of St. Paul Minnesota,Orikal Uno has released and produced a deep catalogue of albums and mix-tapes. Sharing stages and songs with both independent and major label artists ranging from Styles P (of the LOX) to hometown favorites Prof and Brother Ali, Orikal Uno executes a high energy live performance that never fails to disappoint. A self-described lab cat, Orikal Uno is responsible for production credits including Abstract Rude & Musab (Sab the Artist)’s The Awful Truth. Orikal Uno produced the entirety of the debut 1+1 LP as well as his soon-to-be released solo effort, Tone Rosario.