In an age of disposable emcees, and candy-coated lyricists, few are innovative enough to stand out from the crowd. NonFic is one of those exceptions. Hailing from Duluth, MN, Scott Vezina is setting the bar. “The hip-hop community here has totally embraced me. I’m extremely thankful for that.” As a self-proclaimed ‘student of hip hop and music’ he is on a continuous path of progression that started with break dancing. Having been a writer, making music was a natural evolution for NonFic. “I grew up around classic rock, country, and soul. I still listen to all of that.”

But Scott also admits he has an eclectic pallet, and pulls from a variety of influences. The diverse list includes golden age hip-hop artists such as Eric B. & Rakim, and Big Daddy Kane, as well as the ever popular Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash. “Watching other performers and the reaction they get from the crowd is what made me realize I wanted to pursue a career in music, and I still take away something from every performer I see live.” It’s this ability that has allowed him to bolster his talent, and become a mentor for others on the local scene. “I want to make no-nonsense, good music with a positive message. Simple and plain.”

His straightforward approach has booked him numerous shows, and allowed him to open for Rhymesayers artist Grieves in June. “I have always looked up to the Rhymesayers. From their artists, to the production, and the tireless work ethic they’ve maintained over the years to achieve the independent empire they have now.” Since then, he has booked another major opening spot, and will share the stage with Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) during his Road Trippin tour at the DECC Arena in October. With a clear head and tactfulness, Scott plans to overcome any obstacles in the way of his success. “I’m more committed now than I’ve ever been. Music makes me happy. And keeps me sane. I want to make REAL hip-hop music with energy, positive vibes, and a good time.”