Muun Bato (pronounced: moon-bah-toe) delivers a sound packed full of melodic-trippy-sonic-pop-rock, inherently bright & colorful, yet at times, dark & moody. The band materialized in the summer of 2018 when Joe Werner (First Communion Afterparty, Driftwood Pyre, Bridge Club) & Andy Iwanin (Basement Apartment, The Pitchafits) were rehearsing for a one-time collaboration show in Minneapolis. The improvised guitar & drums could well have been finished songs. The perfect chemistry sprouted an insatiable appetite to write songs together.

With a handful of new creations, Muun Bato asked Vince Caro (Flavor Crystals, Basement Apartment) to record and mix it all. Vince is a master of manipulating sound, acting as both a creator and accompaniment to tapping the psychedelic frequency. Timothy S Ritter (Basement Apartment, Shapeshifter) was recruited to hold down the low-end bass groove that shapes Muun Bato’s celestial backbone. He also formed brilliant layers of synthesized sound that were injected into the recordings.

Since performing their first show in January of 2019, Muun Bato has opened for such acts as; Mystic Braves, Bitches of the Sun, La Cerca, Triptides, Flaural & Run Westy Run. Mastered by the late Ed Ackerson of Flowers Studio, Muun Bato’s self-titled debut LP was released October 15, 2019 on transparent orange vinyl, along with digital downloads via your favorite streaming services.