Machiavelli has performed throughout California, various states in the US Midwest, as well as touring in Japan, and playing various SXSW showcase shows (2016), Machiavelli is well seasoned as an MC and making his mark with style and flow.

Gaining early recognition in the midwest cultivating growth of Hip Hop culture such as Universal Movement for the Advancement of Hip Hop (UMAHH), James Dewitt Yancey (J Dilla) Foundation Twin Cities Chapter, Save The Kids Twin Cities, and Universal Zulu Nation Omega Chapter. Almost conversely songs like Trust Issues (Youtube) and Paper Planes (SoundCloud) confidently share an intensely honest level of relatable fragility.

Commercial appeal rarely crosses with lyricism in today's Hip Hop setting Morrison apart from many in-class. Working with legends such as Sadat X (Brand Nubian) and Truth Maze (Micranots, IRM Crew) he crafts a distinct sound and presence unexpectedly unique within every verse.