3 years ago, Moise began creating what would later become his debut album, Amongst the Leaves. The St. Paul, MN-raised Singer / Songwriter / Producer sat with many of the records for years before releasing the anticipated project on March 15th. With music dropping in consistently high volumes, it feels like a gift to sit with a body of work that the artist themselves have sat with for years and knowing that they’ve left a piece of themselves in the album.

His patience shines through in the details of the 8 songs and 2 interludes, coming in at 19 minutes. The second that the album begins, you’re immediately pulled in to Moise’s vibration, by way of groovy, hypnotizing production from Moise, Will Levison, and Lewis Tuck — who both have credits for their live production throughout the album as well. Moise flexes his range, showering Side A with rock elements and Side B with R&B.

He makes the kind of music that allows you to transcend from wherever you are, to where his incredible songwriting and slow-rising production want you to be. On standout record “Full Circle”, you can’t deny how imperfectly soothing and lovely his voice is. Although he may be describing things you have not experienced in some songs, Moise’s energy and raw talent is undeniably convincing and you begin to feel like you know each situation and emotion all too well. [AnimalXHouse, August 2019]