Mark Andrew, a folksy/bluesy singer/songwriter, writes and performs songs that cross genres and generations. His strong, soulful vocals together with lyrics that approach the poetic create a musicality that is thoughtful yet familiar and pleasing to the ear. He understands a good ‘hook’ and will take little time reeling in the audience with his refreshing sound and well-written songs. 

Mark Andrew’s interest in music began early. As a child he was already listening to diverse artists, and it wasn’t long before he began forging a path to join their ranks. When he was twelve, he received his first guitar, intent on making it feel comfortable in his grasp; of course, he hasn’t stopped playing it since. Soon songs emerged, his songs, filling notebook after notebook. By the time he was in high school, he was ready to share his world of music with others. He formed a band with likeminded young musicians and began performing. He knew then that this is what he wanted to do with his life. After high school his love for music took him to an audio production and guitar performance school in Hollywood called the Musicians Institute where he honed his skill as a guitarist and singer.

Upon his return to Minnesota he joined older brother Matt Pudas and the seasoned outlaw country band “White Iron Band.” His stint with the WIB lasted a few years during which time he shared the stage with Nicholas David of The Voice fame. After his departure from the WIB, Mark traveled to Spain where he taught English. To support his income in Madrid, he played guitar and sang in the streets and subways of the city. This experience, as difficult as it was, taught him much about how much music means to people everywhere in the world. More important, it demonstrated to him that music is transactional, that at some point the music must become an expression shared by both the artist and the listener, taking on its own life. Those hundreds of hours of singing and at times warming the hearts of strangers allowed him to refine his voice and music to what it has become today. Mark has now started performing in Minneapolis doing his original music with the support of the “Absolute Gruv,” a refined and well-seasoned band. The layers of rhythm, nuance, and dynamics that the band adds to his songs provide a richness and vitality that helps his music standapart in the Minneapolis music scene. With a few traditional ballads and popular songs mixed in, you have a well- rounded meal of stimulating, thoughtful, heartfelt music that will satisfy most any musical appetite.