Launched in 2016 with the EP, My Mom Says I Have A Rich Inner Life, Minneapolis grunge-pop band Lunch Duchess has continued to make cathartic jams for the sardonic and the heartbroken. Their latest single, “Ride or Die,” questions the wisdom of unconditional romantic love and ends up giving the listener permission to free themselves from dire entanglements. Over the years, front person/drummer Katharine Seggerman has used songwriting as a therapeutic exercise: sitting with difficult situations until the truth materializes in a melody, and then protecting that truth with the help of a loud rock band.

Besides Seggerman on drums and vocals, the lineup consists of Sam Frederick (Burn Fetish, New Primals) on guitar, Nicky Steves (City Counselor, B.O.Y.F.) on synthesizers, and Matthew Sandstedt (Hayden Fox, Aneuretical) on bass. In 2018, Lunch Duchess played home gigs and toured to the east coast and to the American West, refining material for their debut full-length slated to come out in summer 2019.