Later Babes began in 2011 as a solo venture for former We All Have Hooks For Hands member Isaac Show. Cooped up in his basement, Show mixed up a whole slew of funky keyboard riffs with all of your favorite indie, classic hip hop and rap tunes. The result was a seamless, hi-energy album called LISA, which was released for free download. It was the perfect supplement for any raging house party.

Later Babes has since outgrown the basement and moved onto stages across the midwest. Calling on several members from Sioux Falls groups Soulcrate Music and We All Have Hooks for Hands, the group creates multiple levels of stimulation for a live dance party. With each of the members coming from a diverse musical background, they all bring some serious flair and expertise into the mix.

Later Babes stands out amongst most regular DJs, providing not only mixers, but also a full, crazy show of keyboards and live drums. To produce such quality mash-ups, an intimate knowledge of the mechanics of music and a deep musical catalog that involves years of cultivation are crucial.

Later Babes released their fourth album for free on May 21, 2016, a full three years after their last release, DETH. Despite the title, Best of…, it’s full of new mixes spanning over a variety of genres. With the help of Wes Eisenhauer, Tory Stolen, and Myles Gosmire, each mix released and party thrown is a brand new lit experience.