If you’ve never heard of bizarro rapping sensation, Lakutis, (a.k.a. Sexy Lexy) that’s alright, but prepare to be enlightened. Lakutis is NYC’s underground king of cult word art. He embraces everything from beloved sci-fi starships to his favorite childhood Nautica jacket. Everytime I hear a new Lakutis verse, I get the same butterflies in my stomach that I used to get whenever I made eye contact with my first crush. His poetry is pure magic, and for that, he reigns as my favorite rapper. 

Lakutis is endorsed by MISHKA, and signed to Himanshu Suri’s Greedhead Records. His image is one of a kind. Visualize a Russian Jew/New York degenerate with “bitch hair,” a sloppy mustache, and gold fronts. Now cover him in leather, force-feed him a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, give him a microphone, and prepare to have your mind re-arranged. Despite sometimes crossing boundaries into apparent nonsense, Lakutis twists words together like no other current rapper. He stays true to his character, an ultra-confident, over-paranoid, godlike weirdo, who WILL smack ya momz, if provoked. When he slips in a guest verse, however brief, he consistently outshines his more experienced competition. [Blind Mouse Ent]