LPJL is the reproductive rights joint that uses humor and outrage to fight back online and on the ground against enemies of reproductive freedom (i.e. We’re EVERYWHERE). Part USO, part Habitat for Humanity, LPJL is the only non profit that travels the country doing comedy and providing aid and comfort to independent clinics in hostile states. Clinics and activists know, when they ask LPJL for help, #WeShowUp – with our voices, our love, our laughs and most likely wine… lots of wine.

So why after all these years are we still having to fight so every person in the U.S. of A. has access to birth control AND abortion care? Because people have no clue there’s even a battle going on, let alone where. NEWSFLASH, it’s right in your backyard. It’s happening on a local level; in your statehouse, in your district, in your city council, eventually creating a battlefield right up in your uterus. In every state (except Oregon aka “The Beaver State” for a reason), politicians are spitting violent rhetoric against abortion access and turning it into policy.

Real talk: these sneaky fuckers know that the general public cares as much about local politics as they care about the color of dental floss. And this is the problem!

More real talk: maybe you’d know more about it if the media was actually reporting on it – but they don’t. Because trying to destroy half the population’s economic destiny apparently isn’t very clickworthy. The result of their indifference has forced clinics to pick up their slack. They’re the ones that sound the alarm about these laws, sound the alarm about the bullshit science being used to make these laws, all while trying to provide care in their community. And that is unacceptable.

THAT’S WHERE LPJL COMES IN. We take a lot of the stress off of the clinics: we sound the alarm; we correct the science and shut down lies; and we make sure that the clinics receive support as they provide the care to patients. We work to de-stigmatize abortion every damn day.

LPJL wants to make state and local politics sexy again – ok maybe not “again” being as they never were – but you get it.

For more information about us, check out www.ladypartsjusticeleague.com