Ask Knox the moment he first felt it was his purpose to grace the mic - "When I first heard Nas! Other rappers made me love rap, Nas made me want to rap. I have one agenda on this mic, that's to return the favor to Pac and the rest that got me through. If I happen to blow and provide the life I dream about for my family then all praise is due. If I don't, I'm thankful for the gift to speak for the voiceless." Born in Kalamazoo, MI, Knox called states east of the Mississippi home before settling in Minnesota. Being a midwest native he picked up on the many flavors hip-hop had to offer. "In minnesota we listened to everything from Pac and Luniz to Face and Ugk to Twista and Psychodrama to Big and Wu-tang." The many influences shaped Knox in such a way to form a fresh universal sound, a coastless flow.

"When I first started rhyming I tried to be Pac! Who didn't! All it took was for a few cuties to say I was dope and I never looked back." Eventually Knox started recording garage/basement demos with friends until getting serious in '02, recording his first serious mixtape. "We had such a blast recordin that joint. It was just me, my partner A and the homiez clowin with minimal equipment jackin for beats!" Not too long after he created a little buzz for himself tragedy struck in the form of serious prison time. "I was young, stupid and didn't have any understanding of the seriousness of the types of things I was into. Unfortunately before I knew to do better, I was the cause of a lot of peoples pain... and I'm not proud of that."

Knox ended up serving 7 years behind bars before being released a new and transformed man. "Inside u can do one of few things: get into the folly, rebuild what's left of you destroying yourself, or u can check out." Knox's main focus now is giving the hopeless an outlet, the dropouts insight, the gangstaz a release, and the hustlaz drive and all a light for change. "If I can reach one like Pac made me feel, consider me a blessed man!" Knox's life consists of everyman's grind, struggle, and hopes for a better day. "It gets greater later as long as I'm faithful to what I love most, it can't be like this forever!"

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