Juiceboxxx is the rare artist who shares space with everyone from emo rappers to noise musicians to power pop bands. His music aims to cross genre lines and make an argument for the continued transcendent power of peak energy American music.

After unleashing his no apologies punk rap statement Freaked Out American Loser (2017), Juiceboxxx moves forward with “Ripping Up My Soul,” a driving, anthemic single that previews his latest EP Never Surrender Forever, released September 14, 2019 on Dangerbird Records. Recorded with his live backing band and co-produced by Juiceboxxx and Aaron Espinoza (Earlimart, Elliot Smith, The Breeders), the single and EP reflect the artist’s sustained development, moving into a new gear with a singular-yet-accessible brand of guitar music born in the underground but ready for the main stage.

With a new recording partner in Espinoza, Juiceboxxx has shed the art-damaged feel of his past recordings in favor of a big, high fidelity sound that the songs deserve. “In some ways, the recordings and the live show have intersected, but never been on the exact same page,” Juiceboxxx says. “My new music aims to more thoroughly communicate what I feel is the most special thing about the show and the band and put that to record.”

In his one of a kind career—how many people can say they have had a book written about them (The Next Next Level by Leon Neyfakh) before the age of 30—Juiceboxxx has touched on a variety of American music forms (everything from noisy rap to freaked out hardcore), but the past few years of live shows have zoned in on a one of a kind synthesis that combines the fury of punk with a cathartic, hook-happy approach that is at once informed and accessible.

“I come out of some pretty deep scenes, but I’ve always wanted to make music that can connect with a lot of people,” Juiceboxxx says. “I think in the coming year I’m going to finally deliver this elusive sound that’s been in my heart for a long time. I have a reason to keep living and I have a reason to change my life and it’s all because I still believe in the music.”