After a busy year of writing and recording, Howler are back with their second LP on Rough Trade Records, the dark and enticing World Of Joy, following a productive year in 2012 that found members Jordan Gatesmith, Ian Nygaard, and Max Petrek touching down on multiple continents, touring in support of labelmates The Vaccines, and embarking on a massive NME headlining tour, the band has regrouped in their home city of Minneapolis, solidifying their line up as a four piece with the addition of new drummer Rory MacMurdo.

In speaking about their new record, lead singer Jordan Gatesmith states that "the idea of this record is to expand the vocabulary of what the band does. There's a time for us to be pretentious little assholes. There's that [on there] but there's also plenty of bratty rock'n'roll." 2014 will see Howler embarking on a full tour of Europe, the United Kingdom, and a United States, as well as a variety of festival dates rumored for summertime.