Hardcore Crayons has a large array of influential artists, including the likes of Primus, Dub Trio, Bad Brains, Fugazi, King Tubby, Soul Coughing, Don Caballero... Elements of these artists seep their way into the songs created by this Minneapolis power trio. What is eventually created is truly a unique, energetic, and inspiring experience. Hardcore Crayons can and will change from eerie dub grooves, with delayed snare, looped, psychedelic guitar riffs, thumping bass, to harsh, bob-your-head-cause-you-just-can’t-help-it metal.

"When people talk about ska music, they probably think of band geeks and trombones. The Hardcore Crayons would like to wipe that thought from your feeble mind. This Minneapolis band replaces the horn section with psychedelic guitar riffs, tripped out bass lines and borderline pop vocal hooks... " -MN Ska