“Gospel Gossip finds the common thread you never knew existed running through the emotional and aesthetic core of groups like Orange Juice, the Talking Heads, the Go Betweens and Black Tambourine. They distill the aching naiveté and expert songcraft of those artists, wrap it in dreamy reverb and bonecrushing distortion, and present the listener with one of the most emotionally resonant, unique, and infinitely-repeatable listening experiences in recent memory. The sheer force of this music as it jangles and roars, the way it will make you smile and tear up at the same time, is a testament to how deeply they understand what makes a certain kind of pop music work.” [Charlie Gokey, Secret Cities]


Justin Plank: bass 
Sarah Nienaber: guitar, vox, piano 
Ollie Moltaji: drums, guitar, piano