With Gold Motel, it's always summer, the bags are always packed, and the car is always running. Beneath tight pop hooks and warm melodies, Gold Motel's songs are infused with joyous exuberance as well as sweet melancholy. The ten tracks on Gold Motel's debut album SUMMER HOUSE are snapshots of dreaming, transient youth in constant motion - driving down desert highways, watching fireworks from the boardwalk, wandering the city in an endless summer but in the end always searching for the safety of home, friends, and love.


The Chicago-based quintet originated in warmer climates, Los Angeles in the summer of 2009. Greta Morgan (The Hush Sound) returned from a year in Southern California to her hometown of Chicago, bringing with her what would become the five song Gold Motel EP. Collaborating with her friend Dan Duzsynzski (This Is Me Smiling), recording began on a set of sharp, sunny pop songs with a decidedly West Coast outlook. Working with Duzsynski, Morgan realized that her pre-conceived solo project could grow into a full band effort.

Through the fall of 2009, Gold Motel transformed into a full-fledged band, adding Chicago music veterans Matt "'Minx" Schuessler, Adam Kaltenhauser (both of This is Me Smiling), and Eric Hehr (The Yearbooks). The Chicago super group played together live for the first time in December of 2009 with a sold out headlining debut at Chicago's Beat Kitchen, coinciding with the release of the Gold Motel EP. Since then, GOLD MOTEL has headlined shows from Los Angeles to New York (and most cities in between) in support of Summer House, as well as supporting Hellogoodbye & Farewell Continental on national tours in 2011 and a UK tour with Hellogoodbye. In November 2010, they released a two song 7 inch vinyl, Talking Fiction.