FURY THINGS are three quiet dudes playing loud music. In three prolific years, they've released three EPs, two singles and a brand new LP, all while gradually becoming mainstays in the Twin Cities music community. With no image, ego or gimmick, they let their melodic hooks and electric stage presence speak for them. Drenched in sweat and left with ears ringing after every show, their on-stage aggression is balanced with a friendliness and persevering attitude that has netted them fans locally and internationally.

In December of 2015, FURY THINGS released their debut full-length, VHS, to critical acclaim from the Twin Cities and elsewhere. It's been called "one of the best records of the year" by Chris Riemenschneider of the Star Tribune, who also wrote, "Nearly all of the songs on this Twin Cities power trio’s full-length debut start in one of two ways: with a furious, call-to-arms pounding of snare drum and cymbals, or with a heavy, call-to-earplugs roar of guitar. Either way, consider yourselves forewarned." Jon Hunt of L'étoile Magazine said of the album, "There is always a place in the world for albums that sound like GIGANTIC FUCKING JETS TAKING OFF. That’s a thing. In the 60s it was the Byrds, in the 70s it was Blue Öyster Cult, now it’s Fury Things basically duplicating the effect of a jet cruising down the runway and directly into your brain. It’s awesome. In fact, it’s totally necessary."

Perhaps the band's biggest praise has come from Erik Thompson, writing for 89.3 The Current, who penned an opinion piece called "Fury Things are the best rock band in the Twin Cities." He wrote:

"Fury Things are not revivalists. Sure, the Minneapolis rock trio are carrying on the loud and proud indie tradition of the Twin Cities’ illustrious musical past – even being personally selected by Bob Mould himself to open for his band at his old stomping grounds, the 7th St. Entry. Fury Things are taking that untamed, raucous sound in a thoroughly modern direction — and they are doing it better than any other local rock band at the moment.

The title of their debut LP, VHS, may evoke a simpler, analog time long before Netflix and smartphones, but the nine fitful songs on the record sound thoroughly of the moment. There are just enough underlying echoes of power-pop’s past to reveal the band’s myriad influences, but they’ve added their own roiling twist on the past three decades of garage rock and made a combustible yet utterly catchy sound that is entirely their own."

Set aside the shows, praise and ambition and you're left with one truth: FURY THINGS are here to stay, so bring your earplugs.

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