Farr Well

Growing up in the impoverished City of North Minneapolis, FARR WELL never let where he was from dictate where he was going. This attitude has taken him many places, allowing him to walk through many Worlds and constructs. The sub-culture Mecca of MPLS (a melting pot small enough for realities to intersect), provided the perfect playground / social experiment to make him question everything he thought he believed in and valued.

This questioning brought about an Identity crises; a realization that society and perhaps his art-form of choice was limiting him by binding him to an identity he rejects. In 2014, Farrington started using hip/hop as a ritual for unraveling self and the layers of imposed conditioning built up from societal influence. Upon completion of this ritual, he successfully killed his lower self (AZ TEK). Trapping the alter-ego in an Artifact in order to Free himself. Farrington has been using art to “Farr Well” ever since.

This relentless dialogue/battle with his identity is the only way he’s been able to transcend; It propels Farrington to make art. A never-ending self-reflection, aimed at self-renewal; expressed in constantly changing image and form. Farrington Llewellyn sees an image beyond the horizon that he can not yet explain because he’s on the way there. In this way the various forms of his art are like journal entries of his journey to what’s beyond the horizon. Supporters, collaborators, prophets and other time travelers are welcome.

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