Chandria Benion was born in the rough streets of Gary Indiana in 1989. Her mother moved her and, her two siblings to Minnesota in 1994. As a child growing up she always showed a strong interest in music, as well as a strong independent streak. Her step father first noticed her talent when she was 10 years old. “DRAMUZIC” would grab a pen and a sheet of paper and write things that would rhyme. But not only did it rhyme, they made sense as well!

Her step fathers scheduled her for studio time, but forgot she had a basketball game the same day at the same time. Her desire to get in the studio was finally fulfilled at the age of 17. As she got older she rekindled her love of music and found her true passion once again. She began to do tracks with a good friend; but creative differences forced them to part ways. “DRAMUZIC” begin to focus on her solo career full time. She started off by working on a trendy new track which gave her a lot of promo and more buzz around her city.

She noticed that everyone was doing the same old songs with the same tunes. She came up with a game plan to make her stand out and be noticed. She networked with her brother “Bass Cliff” who's a producer with an alternative sound. They sat down and put their creative thoughts together then proceeded to come up with a new sound called “ODDworks Ent”. Currently DRAMUZIC is still in the studio perfecting her sound, traveling the U.S., and making a positive name for herself. Dramuzic has recently released a new mixtape called “ODDWORKS” (December 2012) which is available on