Devata Daun is Nikki Pfeifer. Recording artist and co-owner of Pytch Records. She’s become a fresh and bold curiosity in the Minneapolis electronic and indie music scenes. Fluent in 17 undocumented languages with a freakish photographic memory, semi-telepathic ability and rumored to be ex-Sayeret Matkal with classified identity. Today, she peacefully resides in NE Minneapolis and is known as Nikki. Her pen name is Devata Daun.

Even with her sudden and confounding metamorphosis into a gifted musician, writer, singer, and general music badass nearly overnight, no one really knows her story. We at Pytch Records have committed to gaining intelligence from this rare source and only now have we begun to hear a peculiar audio message in her work.

Devata Daun’s debut release on Pytch Records is called look. It’s a subversive insight to an intellectual phenomenon currently believed to be more than just captured government transmissions, lost shortwave beacons or military Muzak. Through a series of silent meetings, c.Kostra was employed by Devata Daun to help break a variety of intriguing codes. These ‘songs’ are compilations of their findings arranged in harmony. Minneapolis currently inhabits a legion of future breakthrough artists with credentials similar to these. Devata Daun’s talents have helped Pytch raise a flag ensuring a prolific vessel to brand relevant, lo-fi music based in the Twin Cities.