Brilliant Beast's debut LP Dissolve rockets beyond the sonic landscape sketched out on their debut EP Where Do You Want (2013, Guilt Ridden Pop), leaving a tight collection of songs steeped in shoegaze and heavy fuzz. The ten songs comprising Dissolve find the band crafting darker, heavier, menacing tones to encompass the skeletons of the dual-vocal pop compositions of sister/brother duo Hannah and Jordan Porter. Anchored by bassist Mark Kartarik and drummer Eric Whalen, the songs on Dissolve speed along with kraut-like precision, mixing rumbling drone with crashing reverb and jagged riffs. From the blistering chainsaw attack of lead single “No Fate” to the Jekyll and Hyde buoyancy of “Favorite House,” Dissolve captures the spirit of shoegaze progenitors such as Ride and Jesus and Mary Chain while injecting their own spit-shine on the genre.