thE loNgsCale aNd LonGwInDed FuLL BONEFIRE BiO: ~~~> Gags (MISERY) attends a Danzig concert in 2006, and is confronted by Raven and Jason (who's left hand was completely covered in black Sharpie) asking if he would like to join a project Misfits tribute band called "The Misfucks". He meets with the 2 and a new guitarist they had just recruited, Chris "Joker" (fresh out of Trouble Maker in Oakland). After the meeting, all decided to give it a go, and the name was then changed to "Bleeding Light", so band name would be printable on flyers.

After about 2 months of trying to find a practice spot, and then finally learning the drummer didn't actually own a drum kit, Gags and Joker stepped away from Bleeding Light and reformed a band under a different line up and the new name "Thunderhead". They recruited a new drummer Mike "Poopship Destroyer" and a new singer who's name escapes them. That singer leaves for reasons that also escapes them, and along comes Andrew (from Bone Club) to pick up the vocal mic. At this time a 5 song demo is quickly rehearsed and recorded at the House of Misery studios, (available for listen on YouTube, but was never released) and the band receives an email from a lawyer threatening to sue the band as there was another band in town called "The Thunderheads" (who's claim to fame was...they play at Mayslacks").

The band then changes it's name to BONEFIRE. (...the 1800's spelling of Bonfire, meaning, to burn bones for fuel). This name was chosen cause of its very generic nature, and that by seeing the band name on a flyer, you could not make pre-determinations on what the band sounded like and was about. Towards the end of 2008, Andrew steps out of band due to scheduling conflicts with the rest, and in steps Adam "Star Head" to pick up his duties. At this point, the band has developed a set of very obscure cover songs consisting of Grave's era Misfits and more recent/current Danzig compositions.

The band plays its first show in 2009 opening up for MISERY's overly drunken 20th year anniversary gig. During the next 2 years, several conflicts occur with job schedules that didn't line up, on call employments out of state, members being in more than 1 band, etc. resulting in long gaps between practices, Mike stepping down and the band trying out a drummer who strips down to nothing but his undies for reasons unknown on his try-out, and then finally, Joker and Adam moving out of state. The band has no choice, but to throw in the towel.

~~> Enter January 2014, Gags and Joker (who just moved back to MN) discuss putting the band back together, and dropping the Misfits/Danzig tribute and just doing originals (and a few various covers). Gags then talks to Sid (MISERY) who used to drum for "The Murderers" in his past, to dig out his kit and dust off his sticks and join as the drummer. After the winter thaw, Joker decides to come off his Harley on a gravel road and break a dozen bones. During his several months of healing, BONEFIRE searches for a new singer and after a couple try-outs, in steps BEN fresh out of the UK and the band Social Schism.

BONEFIRE Act 2: The Rebirth born.

...oh, and there’s the add-on story in 2017 where Sid decides he would like to play guitar again as he had in Misery for so many years, and in steps Heath as member #5 to take over on the duty of “Power Bottom” er....drums.

A 5 piece is birthed.