Beasthead is an electronic indie rock band from Minneapolis, MN. They came together in an effort to create a sound that could speak to the unusually eclectic common ground they found in their shared artistic interests. Drawing from their past musical experiences and current influences, Beasthead's music "boldly stands apart from much of what is happening in the current Twin Cities music scene" (CITY PAGES, 03/27/14).

In the spring of 2017, Beasthead released their sophomore EP, I Owe You For This, co-produced by Ryan Olcott. Uniquely merging elements from several genres, the EP creates a cyclically fleeting sense of familiarity, making it both contagious, yet hard to pin down.

"This offering from Minneapolis group Beasthead is a tough one to categorize, which is a good thing. Sometimes it comes off like reverb-heavy indie rock, while other times it’s more hip-hop or even trip-hop influenced, and sometimes it falls somewhere between those disparate ends. You can’t say this album isn’t interesting, and it could be one that takes a few plays to really unpack and discover what’s really going on here."