Apparition is Angela Bird. Inspired by French house, ambient, folk rock, and modern dance, her talent came to fruition with this synth­pop act. Singularity denotes music that appeals equally to EDM enthusiasts as well as indie rock fans. This touches on a bright spot of music that has the ability to resonate with mainstream and underground artists. The music makes waves with a reverb laden sound that is electronic without being overly techie. Sans gimmicks, the project is immersed with classically composed lines and harmonized vocals.

Apparition has a vision that she boldly lifts the veil upon and selflessly shares with her captivated audience. A true pioneer on a frontier that has already been trodden upon by the masses, Angela has always had her finger on the pulse of the scene, as well as following what has been happening internationally. However, rather than exploiting passing fads and trends, she has managed to stay above them while still maintaining a modern aesthetic.

Imagine you're weightless, in the middle of the ocean, and surrounded by tiny little seahorses. Relaxing, is it not? That's what you're going to get with Apparition. Go ahead and let these dreamy synths take you away to a land where you can let go of all your woes. With soft, beautiful vocals to match, you won't be disappointed. Get lost in the sounds of Apparition. The music is both melodic and speedy all at the same time. While listening to her music one may feel like they are floating on a cloud or swimming in the deep blue sea. Her vocals flow over synth melodies and rock upon a powerful beat. Singularity is a compilation of electronic music that soothes the soul and spirits of one listening.

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