Fiery singer, songwriter, and guitarist Anna Rose has been making waves in the music industry for the last decade. The daughter of legendary composer Alan Menken, Rose brings a diverse sound and driving passion to her music. Her sound is perhaps best described as a mash-up between Sheryl Crow, Cher, and Stevie Nicks, a heavy blend that ties together blues, rock, and grunge influences, and has found a home on stage alongside artists like Joan Osborne, John Waite, and Lez Zeppelin.

Due out this fall, Rose's third full-length album The Light Between is a stylistic sea change for her, moving from the heavier rock of the two albums and EP she's previously released into a more melodic, Americana realm, recorded in Nashville with producer Paul Moak. "This record brought it back to me being a songwriter -- that's why it's special to me," says Rose, acknowledging that a desire "to be separated from my father" and his music led her in a harder rock direction before. "I think I leaned into rock because it was the place he was the most unknown and where people were indifferent to him," explains Rose, who as a child sang on demos for her father and has "a deep respect for what he does."

Nevertheless, she adds, rock "was the place I was respected for ME. When people heard the last name Menken, it wasn't associated with him." But with The Light Between, Rose "kinda took a step back from what my ego was telling me to do and started going with what my spirit was telling me I should be doing." Rose telegraphed the move with her February single "Nobody Knows I'm Here," which was featured on a March episode of NBC's This Is Us, and followed by subsequent singles "Sucker Puncher", "The Chariot", and "Broken Is Beautiful".