The last decade or so has brought the music world a lot of things it didn’t have before, but for Ander Other (aka Young Baby) the most notable thing the new millennium brought was probably the ability for a teenager to, as he puts it, “bug the shit out of” his favorite musicians on the internet. In the mid-00s this is how a 17-year-old tech whiz from California caught the attention of Doomtree’s P.O.S., Sims, and Mike Mictlan. Cyber-persistence pretty much forced the emcees to know who Ander was by the time they got to his fair golden state and because his aim seemed honest and true, “the friendships started building from there and they sort of slowly realized how into it I was,” he describes, and before you knew it, the guy packed his bags for Minnesota. Since then he has become the group’s official “Intern/Merchant/Graphic Designer/Webmaster/Video Editor/Social Media Agent/Librarian,” as he points out his email signature reads. As if that weren’t enough, he adds completely seriously, “I hope more is expected of me though.” [MPLS.TV's Players Without Instruments, December 2011]