Abi Reimold of Philadelphia writes dynamic, cathartic songs that are darkly colorful. Rough around the edges in a way that is more honest than careless, Reimold's music has a distinctly human quality with songwriting that builds tension using dissonance both harmonically and lyrically. Reimold's voice rides a range of octaves and emotions, exploring inner worlds by pairing starkly vivid lyrics and storytelling with contoured melodies. Whether performing with a three-piece rock band or using a loop pedal to make a solo performance come alive, Reimold's songs combine the rawness of rock with the thoughtful phrases and introspective poetry rooted in the folk tradition. Reimold's debut full-length was released in January of 2016 on Sad Cactus Records.

“There’s an interplay between restraint and dramatic fireworks, lyrics that beg to be unraveled and embraced, and towering, singular voices around which everything revolves.” --Stereogum

“Part of what makes Wriggling so captivating is Reimold's voice itself—it isn't perfect, it's stirring, it has the same capacity for lullabies as it does for savagery.” --The Fader