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Posted by Julia Dunnwald

Ahead of FruitPunchLoverBoy’s performance at First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2019 in the First Avenue Mainroom on Saturday, January 25, we got to him a few questions. Read what he had to say below:

Julia Dunnwald: As someone who has changed their stage name before, can you talk about the importance of an artist’s name and what it really represents for their image?
FruitPunchLoverBoy: I think it’s super important to have a name that you really believe in. I think this name stuck because I changed it at the right time, I had just started to step outside more & started meeting people who not only made the name feel good on me but just brought me up as a person. Some might get thrown off by a name till they hear what’s behind it, forget about the ego and make what makes u excited.

JD: Can you describe what it means to you to be nominated as one of the best new MN artists of 2019?
FPLB: It feels really good, there’s so much amazing talent in this state I look up to everyone. I think it’s important to be thankful for opportunities like this because it means someone felt the music enough to put us in this position. It’s gonna be a really cool way to kick off 2020.

JD: Clearly, 2019 was a big year for you. Have you experienced any “growing pains” with this success? Is there a challenge you’re particularly proud to have overcome?
FPLB: 2019 felt like 3 years hahaha, but not due to any “growing pains.” I think everybody is growing, conquering personal battles as they move forward, but when my friends and I are making music or just hanging out it’s like the battles get paused and we put all of the energy into the space we’re in. I’m just proud I found so many great people to surround myself with. Also, we’ve been making an album I’m proud of that too.

JD: If you were to make music in any other genre, which would you choose and why?
FPLB: I think it would be really fun to dive deep into electronic & house music. I enjoy the bounce.

JD: What is your #1 guilty pleasure song?
FPLB: I don’t really have a guilty pleasure song there’s probably some old songs downloaded on my iTunes from like 2010 that would be embarrassing to play out loud but other than that I’m owning it.

Julia Dunnwald

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Originally hailing from Saint Paul and now a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota, Julia has been a Marketing Intern since September 2019. Her favorite concert memory is seeing Stevie Nicks with her mom!

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