Promotional Team

Our promotional team consists of both street team members and tastemakers.

As a part of the team, you will promote concerts and events to earn guest list spots.


Tastemakers support our upcoming shows and events by reposting, sharing, and running giveaways and contests across their social media platforms. If you love local events and live music, or want to get creative with your socials, this program is for you!

Street Team

Street Team involves distributing flyers, posters, and calendars around the Twin Cities, on campus, as well as distributing promo at our events and other local events. Being on the First Avenue Street Team requires you to come into the Marketing office bi-weekly, but there are no office hours for this role. This position is well-suited for college students and those who attend concerts and other social events. Having insight into trending music, festivals, and up-and-coming artists is a plus!

We look for the following requirements in choosing our elite team:

  • Must have reliable transportation and email access.
  • Strong communication skills are essential.
  • Must meet deadlines and be self-sufficient.
  • Need to take and understand directions well.
  • Need to be willing to take photographs and screenshots of your work when required.
  • Tastemakers need to be active and participate in social media.
  • Tastemakers need to have a following of at least 1.5k.