Code of Conduct

First Avenue is committed to creating and maintaining an environment in which all are treated with dignity and respect, free from discrimination and harassment. Everyone who enters our venues should be safe from harm, whether it’s while watching, working, or performing. We reserve the right to deny any person who violates our Code of Conduct the privilege of performing at or attending current or future First Avenue produced events. We value individuals who observe this Code in all aspects of their lives, and we encourage you to do the same. By entering First Avenue venues, you agree to abide by these guidelines.

The following behavior is not welcome at First Avenue venues:

  • Sexual misconduct or harassment of any kind, including unwelcome verbal or non-verbal sexual attention or unwanted physical contact.
  • Acting or speaking in a discriminatory manner or using racist, sexist, ableist, transphobic, homophobic, xenophobic, or other biased language, including intentional misgendering.
  • Providing or offering intoxicants, legal or illegal, in a coercive manner, or causing someone to become intoxicated without their consent.
  • Disruptive or aggressive behavior, including stalking, threatening, or following anyone in an intimidating or unwanted manner.
  • Abuse of power, including but not limited to abuses related to wealth, race, gender, sexuality, or one’s position as a performer or manager.

While at First Avenue venues, you agree to:

  • Be proactive in creating a community-oriented atmosphere where the safety of others is prioritized and valued.
  • Respect the physical and emotional boundaries of others in the venue.
  • Reject violent or discriminatory behavior.
  • Be responsible for your own actions. Be aware that your actions do have an effect on others despite what your intentions may be.

First Avenue’s Commitment to You:

We honor that “safe” and “safety” feel different for everyone. If you experience harassment, abuse, sexual assault, or if a perpetrator of harm is interfering with your experience at our venues, please approach a staff member to whom you feel comfortable talking. Please do not stay silent. We are here to help with any conflicts arising from the violation of our policies and this Code of Conduct, and our staff is trained by Calling All Crows to do just that. First Avenue staff acknowledges that we are bound by this same Code of Conduct, except that employees may be required, on occasion, to initiate physical contact for the safety of individuals in the venue, and such actions shall not violate this Code.

If you believe a First Avenue staff member or representative has violated this Code, we welcome you to address it with us directly or to contact reporting (at) to initiate an accountability process.