Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, ZEBULON PIKE is an instrumental prog-doom metal band formed in late 2002. Inspired in equal parts by heavy sounds of the 70's (Mountain, Pentagram, Captain Beyond, early Judas Priest), progressive rock (King Crimson, Rush), and 20th century classical (Bela Bartok, Arvo Part, and many others). ZEBULON PIKE combines the impact of metal with the considered approach of "art" music. The result is a rather refined, muted aggression necessary for inciting the slow motion apocalypse.

ZEBULON PIKE appeared at the "Best New Bands of 2003" showcase at Minneapolis' famed First Avenue nightclub in early 2004. The band was also named "Best New Band of 2004" by the twin cities news and arts weekly "City Pages" in April 2004. After appearing at the 2004 "Emissions from the Monolith" festival near Youngstown, Ohio, ZEBULON PIKE released its debut album And Blood Was Passion in June. With 4 of the album's 5 tracks clocking in near 10 minutes or more, And Blood was Passion is a compositional tour de force. ZEBULON PIKE was awarded "Best Hard Rock Group" and "Best Hard Rock Recording" at the 2004 Minnesota Music Awards. In March 2005, the band was one of the few rock acts showcased in the Walker Art Center's "Festival Dancing In Your Head". This New Music festival featured such luminaries as: The Bang On A Can All-Stars, The Bad Plus, and Ornette Coleman. ZEBULON PIKE once again had the honor of being awarded "Best Hard Rock Group" at the 2006 Minnesota Music Awards.

ZEBULON PIKE released their follow-up album Zebulon Pike II : The Deafening Twilight in June of 2006. Even darker and more progressive than it's predecessor, the album fuses elements of avant-garde composition, free improvisation, and doomy heavy metal. In keeping with the tradition of epic compositions, Zebulon Pike II: The Deafening Twilight features two 13+ minute and two 20+ minute tracks. In early 2008 new bassist Tom Berg (Self-Evident) entered the fold. Shortly thereafter, the revamped Zebulon Pike entered the studio to record their third album Intransience. Released in the fall of 2008, Intransience further refines the band's trademark prog rock/doom metal hybrid and expands the far reaches of musical density and melancholy. In support of the new album, the band performed a string of Midwest dates with The Sword and Japan's legendary Boris. ZEBULON PIKE regularly shares the stage with contemporary genre-mates like Orthrelm, Zombi, Rwake, High on Fire, Don Caballero, Juicifer, Pelican, YOB, Hammers of Misfortune, The Sword, as well as time-tested veterans like The Hidden Hand, Debris Inc., Blood Farmers, Iron Man, Blue Cheer, Boris, Helmet, and The Melvins. ZEBULON PIKE's music is an intriguing mixture of melodic melancholy, old-school guitar-isms, and Wagnerian dynamics that marks a mighty presence in the world of heavy music.

ZEBULON PIKE: Tom Berg - bass  /  Morgan Berkus - guitar  /  Erik Bolen - drums  /  Erik Fratzke - guitar