Born and raised under the huge umbrella of artistic and musical influences that is the Twin Cities, Zac HB has been exploring ways to communicate with people through music and lyrics since 2006. After building lasting relationships with Folk and Reggae music as a youngster, HB was able to more fully realize what he first set out to accomplish when he fell in love with and became a part of what we've come to know and love only as Hip Hop.


LMC's Homemade Marching Band, the first full release from Zac HB, demonstrates the vastly ranging experiences and creations of a soul in constant movement, searching for the right window to view the world through. Through vivid narrative and imaginative world-building, the album takes the listener on a turbulent journey through what seems to be hip hop at first, but quickly transforms into a living and evolving philosophical exploration of what it means to be human, and then right back out the other side, but not without a few glances back at what just happened.

With the energy of an atom bomb, Zac HB continues to hop from one blade of grass to the next, performing fiery intimate shows that never fail to bring audience members through every nuance of catharsis built into the music he writes. Music, lyrics, and a dynamic performance of the Hip Hop notoriety, sautéed in a flavorful mix of reggae and soul, and drenched with an organic, folksy special sauce, the music of Zac HB is at the very least a delightful culinary surprise worth more than just a taste.