Xplycyt is an artist whose music is as versatile and unpredictable as the weather in his home city of Saint Paul, Minnesota--blustery and cold one minute, warm and sunny the next. But what else would you expect from a rapper who grew up a poor, abused child in a fatherless home only to discover the riches of love and family as an adult?

The youngest of four children, Xplycyt barely knew his dad and his mom was a drug addict who slapped her kids around physically, verbally and emotionally. At 10 Xplycyt was tired of watching his mom destroy her life and his future. He left home and started putting his feelings down on paper. Supported by his extended family and inspired by DJ sessions with his older brother and freestyle sessions with cousins, Xplycyt found happiness--and his voice. 

In the shadows of St. Paul's inner city and on the streets of his rough Selby Neighborhood, Xplycyt was surrounded by all the classic hip hop elements. He continued his freestyling acrobatics and creative writing until he later assisted in developing the group Lost Soulz in 2005. Lost Soulz became established in just a few months filling local clubs and recording tracks; however, the group later disbanded in 2006. Determined, Xplycyt continued to build his presence through numerous performances and recordings in support of his debut album. He has opened for hip hop greats including 2 Live Crew, MC Breed, The Beatnuts, Greg Nice, Kool Keith and The Luniz. He has also toured with SP Style artists Stereotype, The Kamillion and Lucca Brazzi in addition to being featured on DJ D.Mil's mix CD series and a number of independent releases.

Bleak. Audacious. Creative. Intrepid. Emotional. His stories are personal, raw and real. "My Life" is a message to his mom that picks at the scabs of the wounded emotions he feels from being abandoned as a child. "Blow the Roof" takes on a music scene that's more focused on selling records than storytelling and art. And "Front Man" announces the arrival of the Twin Cities as a major player in the rap industry. "Xplycyt the Great, from the Land of 10,000 Lakes … I think there's something you should know: my state gets 40-below, and trust me I'm just as cold." He's a writer, a rapper and a producer. But more than that he's a storyteller who's doing what we're all doing: trying to make some sense out the bad and trying to make the most out of the good.