The X-Boys a.k.a. The Mill City Rockers: Former Suburbs, Commandos and Wallets get together to romp through the Great American Songbook with zest and aplomb. Witness the spectacle! Hugo Klaers (rhythm drums) and Chan Poling (keyboard/vocals) are Suburbs, Dave Ahl (lead drums/vocals) and Chris Osgood (guitar/vocals, harmonica, other egg) are Commandos, Max Ray (tenor sax/vocals) is the former Wallet (he and Rochelle Becker (baritone sax/vocals) are in the Suburbs horn section these days), bassist Steve Fjelstad is best known for engineering the legendary Hüsker Dü and Replacements records, Casey Macpherson (lead vocals/egg) was lead singer of the Litter - Minnesota’s greatest pre-Punk/New Wave band.