As far as Willie Green is concerned, it's all about the drums. The youngest child in a musical family, Paul “Willie Green” Womack got his first drum machine at the tender age of eight, accompanied by “some sort of Casio keyboard”. Needless to say, he promptly started wrecking shop.

"I used to tape two sets of headphones together so I could make beats with the drum machine and keyboard at the same time. Since I didn't have a four-track, I took two boom-boxes, would record the drums on one, then play that back, record that and the keys back on the other."

By fifteen, Green was part of his uncle’s R&B/Reggae band, playing the drums in clubs he was not even old enough to legally patronize. A lifelong passion for hip-hop music gained its first serious outlet while Green was attending Berklee College Of Music in Boston. He would graduate with a degree in music production and engineering, as well as a burgeoning reputation in the Boston underground scene as a talented beatsmith and sureshot engineer. Still, it was not until relocating to Brooklyn in mid 2007 that the ball really started rolling.

Since the move he has worked with a who's who of independant hip-hop, building up a resume of collaborators that includes Cannibal Ox, Reks, Roc Marciano, Open Mike Eagle, billy woods, and Bad Rabbits among others. Along with his sizeable production load, Green has also become a highly desired mixing and mastering engineer, taking the reins on projects from Japan to the Czech Republic and beyond. Dedicated to the art of making records, Willie Green has become synonomous with quality music making. Whether it be production, mixing, or mastering, Green maintains the highest possible standards, and the results of that dedication show through his work.