Rooted in the rowdy spirit of rock & roll, upstate New York band Wild Adriatic has built an international audience on a combination of groove, grit, and guitar-heavy swagger. Whittled into sharp shape by a touring schedule that's kept them busy for roughly 250 days a year — including several European tours, countless stateside runs, and appearances at festivals like Bonnaroo & Mountain Jam — the band continues to place an emphasis on evolution. “We’re silly weirdos living out our childhood fantasy and we feel so lucky to able to continue chasing the dream,” says drummer Mateo Vosganian.

Singer and guitarist Travis Gray agrees, saying that the goal is ultimately to continue to celebrate the electricity and elation of playing in a traveling band. “We love this,” he adds. “We're just normal dudes who are lucky to be supported by fans who buy tickets and come out to shows, and we like to hang out with them. We aren't trying to take ourselves too seriously. We're trying to connect. We're trying to feel."

Our Time, the latest EP from Wild Adriatic, was produced by David Brandwein of Turkuaz. This collection of songs grew out of a writing retreat in picturesque Lake Anna, Virginia, and finds the band melding their rock & roll core with a broad palette of influences from timeless blues and soul, for a fresh but still signature sound. In a world that can be increasingly difficult for independent artists, Wild Adriatic continues to carve out their own musical niche.

Drummer Mateo Vosganian adds: “Hours and years pass by in a heartbeat. It can be difficult to stay present and focus on the now, but we’re constantly trying to remind ourselves how important it is. Our Time is less of a statement about personal success than it is a reminder to ourselves and the world- every moment is indeed our time.”

On the process of writing, Vosganian says “We find ourselves drawn to writing retreats. As a band that spends 250+ days a year touring, the retreats allow us to singularly focus on the task at hand - creating. Since we write music, lyrics, and arrangements together, the serenity of places like Lake Anna allows us to take a break from life and focus on the music.”

With plenty of new songs and dance-party inciting jams, Wild A brings with it the next level of the explosive & fun live performance that gained them early acclaim from outlets like Rolling Stone, USA Today, and the Huffington Post.