White Magic was formed by Mira Billotte in 2003. After a number of shows around Brooklyn and New York, they were named Best New Band by The Village Voice and Time Out New York. The critically acclaimed six-song debut, Through the Sun Door, was released in 2004. White Magic played shows around the U.S. and Europe over the next two years with bands including Sonic Youth, Will Oldham, Joanna Newsom and Animal Collective, and played festivals such as ATP UK 2004 (curated by Sonic Youth and Stephen Malkmus), ATP LA 2004 (curated by Modest Mouse), ATP UK 2005 (curated by Slint), Homefires UK 2006, and Arthur Nights 2006.

White Magic released their debut full-length album, Dat Rosa Mel Apibus, in late 2006. They played numerous headlining shows in New York, including the South Street Seaport and the East River band shell and played ATP 2007 (curated by Dirty Three) among several UK and European tours. They also contributed songs to the seachanteys compilation A Rogue’s Gallery, produced by Hal Wilner and conceived of by Johnny Depp. Mira Billotte played in Quixotic (KillRockStars and Dischord produced) before forming White Magic. On the 2007 EP, Dark Stars, White Magic combined the enchanting song-writing and vocal lyricism of Mira Billotte with stellar contributions from Doug Shaw, Jim White (Dirty Three), Tim Koh and Tim Dewit (Gang Gang Dance).