Comprised of New York based duo Holly and Andy, Weeknight create the sort of languid, obfuscous pop that swirls slightly menacingly through your eardrums. The interlocking male-female vocals contain both beauty and enigmatic characteristics, whether it be the bass heavy "Devil" or the glitchy "Dark Light (Warrior)", the crackling guitar lines and other-worldly lyrics elevate Weeknight above many of their synth-led contemporaries.

Weeknight’s Post-Everything curates an eerie vibe. Analog and electric creep together seamlessly on this New York duo’s debut album, bringing together hard beats with a soft touch. Weeknight hops between genres effortlessly, creating an evocative mystique with lingering vocals and plucked solos. Truly mastering the ability to mix, Weeknight delivers a glorious phantasm to lose yourself in. Static synth lines bubble between the knocking beat of the drum, nudging you into an ephemeral trance.

With Post-Everything, Weeknight delivers a myriad of stellar tracks that fully flesh out their soundscape. "Sound of My Voice" bumps a steady drumbeat, merging it with a healthy dose of synth and bass. The crescendo in its wailing solo bears a thematic similarity to Weeknight’s other dark tracks. "Tonight," with its running rhythm and synth, gives a compelling pop to its beat. "Honey" sweetly draws the listener in with another catchy synth-driven hook, an art that Weeknight has mastered so effectively. With every track on this record, Weeknight truly pushes the envelope, bringing audiences a dreamlike atmosphere.