I'm a member of All out records/money grit before this i was rapping doing my thing around the city messing wit some of the local artist around St Paul making a buzz for myself i have worked with such artist like meech locc/gotta hav it e.n.t/the nation off sicc/fase g the don/humble child/ so i was pretty establish as a rapper by 2008 but the music and the beats i was rapping to wasn't my style so i started too make my own beats in doing my own producing in g engineering so i bought this broke down pc from a thrift store add it on a few program like fruity loops audacity than i started two do my thing on the beats which is what am known for now so when 2009 came i was makeing beats for everybody like Lil dog from the threat dubb jnasty nate wax locc than i was introduced to merg toast from a close friend name gary aka p lov than its was over merg showed how two use reason