Established in 1988, Wade Sapp was born in Pahokee hospital near the swampy pasture-land of Okeechobee, FL. His single mother raised five of her own, and the family moved a lot throughout the sunshine state. They finally settled in Marietta, GA where Wade went through the rest of grade school.

After graduating, Wade went to NASCAR Technical Institute and became a mechanic by trade for 7 years until receiving the confidence he needed to pursue a music career. Since 2013, he has worked in construction, organic farming, bartending, and anything else to keep his mind engaged in his writing, performing and out of the dredges of a day job. This background of earning his keep by the sweat of his brow is what makes his music so easy to relate to for blue-collar Americans.

Wade is a self-taught writer and guitar player. He started out learning classic rock hits on a Kramer electric guitar until finding a run-down acoustic guitar on the curb of a neighbor's house. He refurbished the guitar himself and from the moment he strummed the first chord, he remembered where his roots were buried and hasn't looked back since. Wade moved to Nashville, TN in December of 2016.