Uncured, the teen progressive metal band that has quickly impressed metal critics and fans alike with its unique combination of technical musicianship, brutal riffs, and beautiful, melodic interludes, released their EP, Spontaneous Generation, on October 13, 2016.

Top metal and rock outlets including BraveWords and Rockwired have praised Uncured, already drawing early references to prog titans Opeth and Dream Theater. In a recent review, BraveWords likens Uncured to “Rush on ‘roids”, and wrote that “the song writing on every track is delivered like an intriguing book that you just can’t put down, delving into a massive range of emotions and feelings.” Meanwhile, Rockwired Magazine identifies Uncured as “more than just another young rock band on the scene.” Rockwired explains that “in an age where the pulse of rock ’n roll has seemed to slow, the band's debut EP Spontaneous Generation serves up the sort of revelry and musicality that is likely to make Uncured a force to be reckoned with for years to come."

Uncured is anchored by brothers Rex Cox (age 16) and Zak Cox (age 18). The Cox brothers wrote all of the Uncured material and played both guitar and bass on the EP. They were joined on drums by guest Max Portnoy (age 17 and son of drumming legend Mike Portnoy). Despite their young age, the members of Uncured have left high school and are ready to tour as full-time, professional musicians. The Cox brothers are excited about Uncured’s first release as well as the band’s future. Zak Cox said that “Spontaneous Generation is an important first step for Uncured, which marks our introduction into the metal scene. We are eager to get on the road and thank all of our fans for their incredible support.”

Fans around the world have responded to Uncured’s adventurous spirit. In fact, Uncured's videos have captured more than a half-million views in less than three months. Rex Cox explained that this is due, in part, to Uncured’s eclectic approach to song writing. “Our fans have really enjoyed our exploration of various styles, from death metal riffs to psychedelic trips to big grooves to the occasional Spanish flamenco or raga,” said Cox. Uncured is already hard at work on their first full-length album, which will include a variety of vocals from the Cox brothers, ranging from clean harmonies to brutal harsh tones. Uncured is signed to Conclave Studios in NYC and has plans to tour in the U.S. and internationally throughout 2017.