Two Harbors are back! The new Make It Alright EP features four shimmering slices of dreampop, showcasing the songwriting, performance and production that have made Two Harbors a standout on the vibrant Minnesota music scene. Writing as a collaborative unit, the band tracked the songs live at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis without the aid of headphones or click tracks. Paring their sonic palette to a minimum (no acoustic guitars or keyboards this time) and working again with noted producer/dreampop pioneer Ed Ackerson (27 Various, Polara), Make It Alright exemplifies a perfect harmonious relationship between artist and producer. The EP’s panoramic soundstage, dramatic dynamics and sonic luminosity are nothing short of breathtaking.

Originally known as Colonial Vipers Attack, this Minneapolis dreampop band returned with a new name and a tighter, grander sound on their second album All the Places We Would Rather Be. The Two Harbors trail begins around 2006 when the band released a self-titled album (under the original band name) with a lineup that included bassist John Schrei and keyboardist Dax Eckel. The first album made a good splash with local radio and press, listeners appreciating the music's dreamy, textural tone and the band's slyly catchy song writing.