Truth Maze (aka William Harris) was born with a strong rhythmic sense making him a natural drummer. A native of Minnesota's Twin Cities, this ingenerate ability would later connect to his uncanny skills as a verbal percussionist. Known as ‘The Unstoppable B-Fresh’, William became part of the groundbreaking I.R.M. Crew, one of the first hip-hop groups out of the Twin Cities to attain national accolades, thus cementing his place as an icon in the Minnesota music scene.

A performer who comfortably expresses himself across various genres of live, electro music into a carnival of poetry, hard funk, and raw rap, he is an artist that easily accomplishes being multidisciplinary. With 2000+ shows under his belt, this drummer, poet, beat boxer, hip hop scholar, and youth mentor has recorded & performed internationally, and has been compared to Gil Scott Heron, Saul Williams and KRS-One. Blending his vocal arts with instruction and theater, Truth Maze balances his love for music with his love for his community working with numerous youth and community organizations. His art is his passion, activism, and spirit.