Tripping Icarus is a Minneapolis band, formed in 2009 by Andrew Reiner, Chris Kluwe, and Matthew Marshall. It happened like this: Chris knew Andy and Andy knew Matt. They came together and recorded a four song instrumental demo. Using this, they lured Matt's long time friend and former band mate Jesse, into the fold, and kept him chained to the walls of the rehearsal space, letting him out only to gig and record. Jesse has long since surrendered to an irrevocable case of Stockholm Syndrome and so is free to go about what's left of his life, the rest of the band certain of his inability to psychologically break free of them. Tripping Icarus recorded its debut EP at Pachyderm Studios the weekend of the Summer Solstice 2009. Following this, they gigged extensively in the Twin Cities and out-state Minnesota. In the summer of 2010 they began recording their first LP, Perfect Citizen, at Flowers Studios in Minneapolis. Their friend and producer, Andy Lindberg, died unexpectedly near the end of the recording sessions. This record is dedicated to Andy.